With the heightened concerns revolving around COVID-19, we wanted to inform you on the current standings of the Student Ministries and Calvary Nexus.

1. We are devoted to unity. We don’t want to be a people that live in fear. As the Church Body, we have done our best to encourage, care for, and love the people around us. We encourage all of our families to continue steadfast in prayer during the current state of things. Calvary Nexus has set aside Love Our Neighbor Community Impact (LONCI) funds to help the Nexus family and community during this time. If you or someone you know has needs related to the coronavirus and its effects on our community, please reach out to Pastor Chris (chris@calvarynexus.org).

2. We are devoted to safety. We have maintained (and done our best to stay ahead of the curve of) all recommendations made by major health departments (CPHD, VCPHD, CDC, etc.) and health professionals in regards to sanitation. We are cleaning the campus consistently (with extra cleanings taking place during services), are maintaining reduced physical contact, and encouraging people with higher health risks (pre-existing conditions & immune system deficiencies) and those exhibiting symptoms associated with the flu/COVID-19 to remain at home during this time. In accordance with health recommendations, our Sunday morning services will be online only for at least 8 weeks. You can view our services online by visiting calvarynexus.org.

We will be postponing midweek services until further notice. Please check out our Neighborhood Groups Page to see our online gathering options.

3. We are devoted to the glory of God. Especially during this time, we want to ensure we’re operating as the Body of Christ. In walking in such a way that is worthy of our calling, we want our community to know us as disciples of Jesus for the ways we love one another.

While we limit our larger gatherings, we encourage people to gather together in smaller home group settings (while still taking necessary precautions) to pray, study the word, worship, encourage, and meet one another’s needs. We have also created online resources for students to use while we postpone our gatherings. Visit www.calvarynexussm.com/resources for more information. 

Calvary Nexus has also sent out a church-wide letter with more detailed information about how we as a local church are responding to COVID-19 and its effects on our community and world. If you would like to read that letter, please visit calvarynexus.org or see the latest post on the Calvary Nexus Instagram (@calvarynexus).

In Him,

Pastor Chris Bague on behalf of the Student Ministries Team

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